Press D to thrust forwards against the strength of the wind and repeatedly press space to move upwards to dodge incoming objects! Make sure your plane is visible in the game window and you don't crash into any objects!

This game was made in 1 Hour in a private Game Jam session with 2 other people, so forgive any bugs and missed considerations, such as having to reload the page to play again or the timer continuing despite losing. The theme we were given was "wind", so I made a game based on a airplane trying to survive for as long as possible in a strong wind that would push you back while you dodged objects.

Created by Matthew.


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Another SUPER DIFFICULT game, really challenging to time the holding down of "D" for moving right and pressing space for "jumping" without going off screen. Great work for 1 hour!!

Super hard to play, though an interesting concept to introduce for flappy bird type games.
You can add some sound effects or something which will make the game a lot better.

Anyway keep up the effort :D